Regular Savings Plans

Regular Investing is one of the most successful ways of building long term wealth.

  • Expats are more transient and more likely to work for companies that provide no retirement or savings mechanisms. This puts them at a disadvantage to their home based equals who will be accruing benefits though both employment and national retirement schemes.
  • It is therefore essential that expats budget a small and sustainable monthly investment into their calculations.

Download our free guide to discover the multiple ways of putting something aside each month, why this can produce superior returns and the mistakes to avoid.

Lump Sum Investments

One off lump sum investments are a superb way to kick start achieving your long term financial goals.  Whether you are keen to make up for lost time, are fed up of bank returns or want to harness the power of compound growth, a lump sum investment is a useful tool.

  • The appropriate tax wrapper
  • Your volatility tolerance
  • Investment timeline
  • Asset allocation

To get a more comprehensive overview please download our investment guide that explains the options in more detail as well as highlighting some of the exclusive discretionary management opportunities only available through W1.

Retirement Planning

Retirement looms large on every horizon.  The key questions of;

  • When?
  • Where?
  • How much income you want?
  • How much flexibility do you need?
  • Do you want to leave the balance to your children upon your death?

Our financial planners will be able to guide you expertly through the key considerations to give you the financial freedom to treat your retirement like the 25 year holiday it should be.

Download our retirement planning guide for an overview of the most successful strategies, the pitfalls to avoid, and instant tips on what can be done today to maximise your retirement lifestyle.

UK Pension Transfers

The UK pension landscape is one that is constantly changing and evolving.   Let our qualified pension experts guide you through the options for your existing and future pension planning.

  • UK pensions can broadly be separated into two categories; Defined benefit (Final Salary) and Defined Contribution (money purchase, personal pension, stakeholder etc).
  • Complete a complimentary pension health check with our pension team to ensure your retirement savings are working as hard for you as you are for your retirement.

Download our Definitive guide to Final Salary Pensions as well our guide to consolidating multiple defined contribution schemes.

Life and Critical Illness Protection

This is a key and often overlooked area of financial planning.

  • Are your key financial objectives dependent upon your ability to earn?
  • If you were to pass away are you leaving behind a strong financial situation for your family?
  • Most expat employment contracts will have reduced death benefits or critical illness cover compared to those working in the UK.
  • Therefore the emphasis is far more on the individual to make sure their family will be provided for in case the worst should happen.

Download our free education life and critical illness guide for an overview of the most successful strategies, the pitfalls to avoid, and examples of different solutions that are available.

Education Fees Planning

With the cost of further education having made a dramatic rise in the last generation, parents will often want to help shoulder some of the burden for their children.

  • Our financial planners will provide a comprehensive assessment of likely cost and provide suitable strategies to ensure funds are available when needed.

Download our education fee planning guide for an overview of the most successful strategies, the pitfalls to avoid, and instant tips on what can be done today to maximise your contribution to your children’s education fees.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the bedrock on which your financial success will be won or lost.   This is the process of understanding your key objectives, forecasting the cost of completing these objectives and understanding what must be actioned today to bring your financial goals to fruition.

  • Our financial planners will take the time to understand your situation and what you want to achieve with your money.
  • A full financial planning report will then be presented to you alongside an asset and income forecast so you can understand how the decisions you make today will affect your future prosperity and quality of life.

Download our free financial planning guide to get some key insights and tips on the most successful strategies and also common mistakes to avoid.

US Connected Persons

If you are a US connected person living overseas it is likely you have had significant trouble sourcing and establishing US regulated financial solutions.

  • At W1 we are proud to be partnered with a large UK discretionary manager who are situated and regulated in New Jersey and specialise in managing funds specifically or US expats.

To get an overview of the correct structures you must invest in as a US expat as well as the long list of products structures that are completely inappropriate please download our free guide for US connected persons.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

For clients with more than £250,000 you are able to access our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service.

  • Have influence over the day to day decisions in the management of your portfolio.
  • Exclude asset classes in which you already hold significant weightings. Eg property.
  • Have a direct line to your dedicated investment manager.
  • Make certain your portfolio conforms to any ethical, political or religious views you have.

Our Financial planners will discuss your aims and objectives and recommend the appropriate discretionary manager from our approved partners.

Download our complimentary guide to our discretionary portfolio management service for information and our guiding principles when choosing which managers we work with.

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