Why use Financial Planner?

There are lots of good reasons why we suggest you should use a financial planner.

First of all, it is likely to save you a vast amount of work compared to doing it yourself. Which in turn will save a lot of your valuable time. Very importantly, using a financial planner can also very often provide you with access to financial products, services and strategies that you might not know about yourself. We also like to think that, as we devote all our time and effort to financial planning, we can achieve a much better end result for you than you could yourself.

Last but not least, proper financial planning is pretty much guaranteed to achieve a much better outcome than not doing any planning at all.

Then again we would say this wouldn’t we? Because we are financial planners.

But a recent survey has actually unearthed some interesting figures suggesting that using the services of a professional financial planner can indeed pay rewards.

According to research by Dunstan Thomas, a company who provides technology solutions in the financial services industry, clients of financial advisers can potentially be around two-fifths better off when they retire compared to those who handle their own finances.

More specifically, the research found that while those who haven’t taken professional financial advice could hope for on average a £20,373 pre-tax annual household income those who were clients of financial advisers could hope to receive £33,557 – a very attractive 39% more.

Dunstan Thomas suggested a few reasons why those who took professional financial advice were so much better off. They pointed out that those who sought financial advice were more likely to have more savings to manage in the first place. But they added that financial advisers helped instil good financial disciplines of saving, planning and regularly reviewing progress amongst their clients.

Individual situations and finances do vary from person to person of course. There’s no guarantee that everybody will be two-fifths better off as a result of taking financial advice. So we’d strongly recommend that everyone takes individual advice from a financial adviser.

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